3. Dezember 2009

maybe later...

today i have a guest writer. she wrote:

vocabulary to become a bad boy

my dear male followers,
to make out with a lot of girls, there is a need to be a rude boy cause only rude boys can appreciate the full and long-lasting attention of all those girls. cause only if you upset them, they will have a crush on you. there is no need to be nice and friendly at all. that will only bore or even frighten the girls after some time.

so to start to become a bad boy there is a need to learn to basic vocabulary and phrases to be accepted as a real bad boy. to succeed in this follow these instructions…

1.never say hallo or good bye. a short wave or nod will do it.

2. “i can’t promise”
whenever a girl asks you to come to her party, to see her in a club or to remember to call her, this is your perfect answer. because you are a very cool tough and free guy and you only promise things to yourself and to nobody else! so whenever you hear questions, always answer with that sentence and you present yourself as a very independent person who doesn’t care about anybody else but yourself. With that you will also be remembered as mysterious character and that is what you want to achieve!

3. “i call you”
never.call.her. never get in touch. never report. the girls like to be angry on their guys and one thing to make her angry is of course to play hard to get.

4. “maybe i wont remember”
this is quite similar to i can’t promise. use that if you are asked for a unpleasent favor or a date. by saying that to somebody, you can make sure, that this person realizes that she means nothing to you. also that you never think of that person, you don’t care about her and of course have many more important things in mind than that person. you can use it whenever you like, especially if you are asked to show up somewhere.

5. don’t kiss, don’t hold hands, don’t talk. that’s kitschy romantic stuff rude boys don't need.

6. “there is different reasons”
that answer makes you act very indifferent and again you underline your arrogant attitude towards everybody and everything. cause noone has the right to ask you out about your reasons and you don’t need to justify for anything.

7. “just because”
to succeed being rude, there is no need not to justify yourself at all. all you do is correct, you won’t explain any of your actions, all you do has good reasons, of course, but you won’t share this reasons with anybody cause you are so unforeseeable and mysterious.

8. “maybe later”
good thing in every situation. you already hear yourself saying: “oh please, come on, not now baby, yeah.. maybe later!”??? very good! of course, there is no later.


sincerely yours
riot grrl