18. Januar 2010

the story of the sad lonely bird

many black doves lived in bucharest.
in one cold winter a lot of snow fell in that city.
and it was very cold.

so all the birds got cold feet
sitting on the frosty electricity lines and snowy street lamps.
and they were shivering in the icy wind.

but the doves had a great idea.
they moved closer
and held together on these snowy electricity lines...

...and on the icy street lamps.
they warmed each other against the cold.
so they didn't have to shiver anymore.

but there was one lonely sad bird.
who always sat alone on a lamp.
and he was always sitting with lowered head.
he never had anybody to lean on.

and of course he got very cold in that winter...
after the third day of constantly snowing and shivering
he fell asleep at night in his lonely place.

next day he was found in the snow.
he was fallen on the ground. dead in a snowy street of bucharest.

but he died with beautiful snowflakes in his feathers.